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Just 10 minutes from Nelly's Hotel Apartments lies the beautiful city of Nafplion, the first capital of Greece. Renowned to be one fo the most beautiful cities in Greece it is certainly one of the most romantic and magical.

Nafplios, the son of Poseidon founded the town according to mythology and historically Nafplion traces back as far as the at least the Mycenaean era. Ships were launched from its harbour carrying soldiers to the Trojan war and from there on a the Argonauts voyage. Roman times saw a decline in Nafplion but it flourished once again during the Byzantine, Frankish, Venetian and Turkish occupations, each of which left their influence which remain in its culture, tradition, architecture and monuments.

Take a trip around the highlights of Nafplion on the Hop On - Hop Off tour bus or the Mini-Tour Train and see the Bavarian Lion, the Town Hall, the statues of the famous Greeks Ioannis Kapodistrias and Theodoros Kolokotronis, the Land Gate and many more monuments of interest.
Visit one of the museums: the newly refurbished Archaeological Museum in Syntagma Square, the Folklore Museum, the Military Museum, the Worry Bead museum, the Karonis Ouzo Museum or the National Art Gallery.

Take a walk along the sea and see all the cafés and tavernas on the harbour promenade, enjoy an evening drink or a meal right in the heart of the town, an incredible night in Nafplion. See the wonderful sunset in Nafplio!

Just a few minutes outside of Nafplio, lays Nea Kios, a seaside town on the coast around Nafplion bay where the more adventurous can kite surf and follow the coast a few minutes further to find the towns of Myloi and Lerna where mythology tells us that Hercules performed his second labour killing the Lernaean Hydra!

Take time to take in the magical atmosphere of the city of Nafplion whether during the day or evening it is a pleasure to visit and is popular with Greek and foreign tourists all the year round.

Syntagma Square Nafplio Centre
Centre of Nafplio Old Town

Syntagma Square

The heart of the old city of Nafplio is Syntagma square, home to the Archaeological museum, the church of Saint Spyridon, where Ioannis Kapodistrias was assassinated (complete with bullet hole) and the church of St. George which houses some of the most impressive murals in Greece including a copy of "The Last Supper" by Da Vinci.

Above Nafplio
999 Steps to the Top

Palamidi Castle

The Palamidi Castle (216m above sea level) towers above the whole of Nafplion, a huge castle spread out on top of the hill with breathtaking views, where the war hero, Theodoros Kolokotronis was imprisoned.

Nafplio's Ancient Castle

Acronafplia (Nafplion Acropolis)

The Acronafplia Castle, closer to sea level is a small peninsula that juts out into the bay of Nafplion consisting of three independent castles the oldest of which was fortified with Cyclopean walls.

Acronafplia Hill
The Bourtzi Castle in Nafplio Harbour
Nafplio Harbour Castle

Bourtzi Sea Fort

The picturesque Bourtzi Castle situated in the harbour which is the most photographed spot in Nafplion and one of the most photographed castles in Greece is accessible by water-taxis waiting for visitors along the harbour.

Graphic Narrow Streets in

Nafplio Old Town

Wander around the Venetian style narrow streets of the old town with their overhanging balconies and shocks of brightly coloured bouganvilia, admire the hand made products for sale in the many small gift shops or stop for a coffee.

Nafplio Old Town Streets
Take a walk around

Nafplio Lighthouse

A popular meeting place among the locals for people of all ages, the small lighthouse is located at the beggining of the "Arvanitia Round" or the end of the harbour promenade. Relax and see beautiful views of the area.

Argolic Gulf
Nafplio Harbour

Porto Cadena

The Acronafplia castle and the "Five Brothers" cannons were connected by a huge chain during the Venetian rule of Nafplion as protection against attacking ships giving Nafplio the name "Porto Cadena".

Monuments in Nafplio

Bavarian Lion

Comissioned by Ludwig of Bavaria, father of Otto the first King of Greece and made by Christian Siegel the first professor of sculpture in Athens Polytechnic in memory of the soldiers that died during a typhoid epidemic while escorting Otto.

Venetian Fortification

"Five Brothers" Canons

In 1502 the city of Nafplio was under Venetian rule. The Venitians built fortifications around the city including this bastion where they placed five large canons of equal size to protect the harbour. The locals called them "Five Brothers" and the Venitian canons are still in place today.

One of the 5 brothers canons
Beaches in Argolida

Nafplio Beaches

Arvanitia beach is the townfolks beach, a few minutes walk from the centre it is rocky and fairly deep. Great for a quick dip and ready to take care of your needs with a popular café-bar on site.
Karathona beach in Nafplion occupies a sheltered bay just a couple of minutes from the centre of the town by car or a good walk around the coastal path named "The Round of Arvanitia". The beach is well organised with shallow, warm waters and a sandy beach.