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Ancient Epidavros

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most renowned of Greece's archeological sites, and certainly one of the most important, the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros and the Santuary of Asklepios are located just half an hour from Nelly's. The Theatre is a most popular attraction to visitors from all over the world, all year around. Ancient plays are, to this day, performed here during the summer months, drawing in crowds of up to 16,000. The atmosphere is electrifying.

The Sanctuary of Asklepios is a remarkable testament to the healing cults of the Ancient World and its history shows us the transission from divine healing to that of scientific medicine. The site comprises a series of ancient monuments spread over two terraces and surrounded by a preserved natural landscape. The Theatre, together with the Temples of Artemis and Asklepios, the Tholos, the Enkoimeterion and the Propylaia, give us an idea of the significance and power of the healing gods of the Hellenic and Roman worlds.

The Sanctuary developed into the single most important therapeutic center of the ancient world. These practices were spread to the rest of the Greco-Roman world and the Sanctuary thus became the cradle of medicine.

Sunken City in Epidavros
Epidavros Sunken City
Epidavros Ancient Temple
Temple of Asclepius
Epidavros Archaeological Museum
Archaeological Museum of Epidavros